Mixer partners given $100 to help them during COVID-19

April 3, 2020
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Microsoft is giving its Mixer partners $100 to help them through the ever-increasing Coronavirus pandemic.

Mixer partners were surprised yesterday after they randomly received the hundred-buck-payment. While Microsoft and Mixer are yet to reveal that they were behind the surprise payment but, well, who else would it be?

Mixer streamers took to Twitter after the surprise occurred to thank the streaming platform for supporting them during these tough times.

“Mixer are giving us partners an extra $100 to make sure we are all looked after and my heart is so whole right now,” said Mixer streamer SassyKittencx. “Thank you, Mixer!”

“Some hear of Mixer and think “ewww” then see they dropped $100 for their partners during COVID,” said Mixer streamer KabbyTV. “As they uncontrollably spaz out to roast the platform, realize this… It’s damn good to be an underdog & part of a fam, no matter how big or small it was a nice gesture. TY Mixer.”


While some of Mixer’s higher-profile streamers are on multimillion dollar contacts to work full-time for the Microsoft streaming service, the majority of its streamers work as part-time streamers. With the COVID-19 outbreak closing down most businesses, the streamers who don’t rely exclusively on Mixer money could really benefit from the extra Dosh.

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