Microsoft’s Edge browser lost market share in November


Despite a slight increase in market share for it’s latest operating system, Microsoft can’t seem to replicate that level of success with it’s Edge browser. Despite browser improvements with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary update, including extension support, “Paste and Go”, and swipe to go back and forward, Edge still seems incapable of catching on for the average user.

For the month of November, Edge had only 5.21% of the browser market share, down from 5.26% from the previous month. Microsoft Edge came in fourth place behind Google’s Chrome browser, which had 55.83%, Microsoft’s other, now unsupported browser Internet Explorer, with 21.66%, and Mozilla’s Firefox browser, with 11.91%. Trailing Microsoft Edge was only Apple’s Safari browser, with 3.61%, and Opera with 1.36%.


It seems that IE is actually doing better, since it has the advantage of being able to be installed on multiple different versions of Windows, while Edge is exclusively available on Windows 10, with no plans to actually bring it to other platforms. Ever since Microsoft announced that it would no longer provide support for IE, users have been migrating to other readily available browsers, and Google’s Chrome browser has benefited the most from this. Right now, Chrome is installed on over half the world’s PCs, this according to Netmarketshare.

Microsoft is looking to change its luck with the new Creators Update, which should being even more features to Edge, including a tab browser option, a session manager, as well as 3D support. Couple that with some stability improvements and Microsoft may actually be competing in the browser market in no time.

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