Microsoft updates their Phone app with design changes

Microsoft’s Phone app for Windows Mobile has seen a rare update with bug fixes and some design changes.

The update (right in the screenshots above) has brought heavier fonts and a grey versus black background, suggesting that some Fluent Design changes are on the way.

The update also fixed an issue with being unable to unlink linked contacts.

Windows 10 Mobile is of course no longer supported by Microsoft, which makes us wonder if there is more behind the update than simply maintenance. Microsoft’s Surface-branded Telephone-enabled Device is, of course, rumoured to be able to make phone calls and will need a dialer to do that.

That device is of course also not coming this year (if ever) and in the meantime, any remaining Windows 10 Mobile users can find the updated app from the Store here.

Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Kostenlos

Via, thanks Abhishek for the tip.

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