Microsoft to people on waitlist: Bing is still in limited preview, so ‘just hang tight’

February 16, 2023

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Despite the unending comical Bing conversation screenshots being shared online, the ChatGPT-powered search engine is still not generally available to the public. Microsoft wants to stress this as more and more individuals try to join the intelligent Bing’s waitlist, which the company now claims holds “multiple millions” of registrants.

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, addressed the growing impatience of people in a recent Twitter post. According to Medhi, the ChatGPt-supported Bing is still in its limited preview, which means the company is still in the process of testing and improving the product. Despite this, Mehdi assures everyone that the company is expanding access continuously.

“We’re slowly scaling people off the waitlist daily,” the tweet reads. “If you’re on the waitlist, just hang tight. As we said at launch, we intend to scale to millions of people beginning in the coming weeks. We’re only one week in!”

It can be recalled that the improved Bing has been a hit since Microsoft officially unveiled it days ago. And in the first 48 hours the waitlist was opened, the Redmond company reported that the list managed to collect more than 1 million people. Surprisingly, the flow of people registering to the waitlist is steady despite current users continuously discovering flaws in Bing’s chat feature. According to Mehdi, the test now covers 169 countries, and the demand is high, “with multiple millions now on the waitlist.”

“We ask for a little patience if you just joined the waitlist,” added Mehdi, stressing that those who have set up Microsoft defaults on the devices are being prioritized. “Over time we intend to bring it to all browsers.”

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