Report: Microsoft may finally bring Thunderbolt port to Surface devices

September 13, 2021
Microsoft Surface Pro X Platinum

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Surface Pro X Platinum

Next week, Microsoft has scheduled an online event focused on hardware. Microsoft is expected to launch Surface Pro 8, Surface Book 4, Surface Duo 2 and other devices at this event. Today, The Verge reported that Microsoft may launch at least one Surface Pro 8 model with Thunderbolt support. Due to security reasons, Microsoft never offered Thunderbolt port on any of its Surface devices so far. It would be interesting to see whether Microsoft solved any of the security issues around Thunderbolt in Surface Pro 8.

Other new details about the upcoming Surface devices:

  • Surface Pro 8 may feature slightly larger display, thanks to smaller bezels.
  • Surface Pro 8 will be powered by 11th gen Intel Core processors and will have support for removable SSDs like the latest Surface Laptop 4.
  • New Surface Book 4 with all-new design and high-refresh rate display.
  • Surface Go 3 with improved performance, you can read the full specs here.
  • Surface Duo 2 with much improved camera, you can read about it here.

Source: The Verge

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