Microsoft claims a more than 20% smartphone market share in Poland and Mexico, says Nokia is getting all their energy right now


3, 2013

Author Surur // in News

imageSpeaking to Reuters at the Microsoft campus last week, Terry Myerson revealed there are some markets where Windows Phone has a more than substantial market share.

He revealed Windows Phone had as much as 20 percent share in some markets such as Mexico and Poland, markets where Myerson said the real cost of phones minus operator subsidies were exposed.

"AT&T and Verizon have been great partners," said Myerson. "But where the market dynamics are different, and where the operators play a different role, we have done better."

Microsoft recently revealed there were 7 markets where Windows Phone was outselling the iPhone, including much of Eastern Europe. Sales success in Europe were largely based on the strength of Nokia’s brand name, according to a recent Kantar report.

Given this success Microsoft is more than happy with Nokia’s performance, and Terry once again squashed rumours of a Surface phone.

"Nokia’s doing a great job," he said. "They really are receiving all of our go-to-market energy right now."

The comment is somewhat of a snub to OEMs like HTC, who have committed to supporting Windows Phone “in the short term” and Samsung, but on the other hand there have been rumours that Samsung was wasting the Windows Phone development and support team’s time in developing devices which they never intended to sell very well.

Microsoft intends to continue push Windows Phone into the main stream with low cost, high quality offerings, and also promised to improve key aspects of the OS related to work and play to make it more competitive.

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