Microsoft says Windows Phone is outselling iPhone in 7 markets, Blackberry in 26

In a post on Technet Microsoft has been bragging a bit about Windows Phone.

They noted that, according to the IDC, who measures shipped numbers, more Windows Phones were shipped into 7 markets than iPhones and more than Blackberry in 26 markets.

They also noted that Windows Phone has reached the crucial 10% market share in “a number of countries” , though were less specific about how many there were.

They also made some forward-looking statements, saying that "’Microsoft are working together on plans to advance our devices and services, a set of plans referred to internally as “Blue.” ‘

“Our product groups are also taking a unified planning approach so people get what they want – all of their devices, apps and services working together wherever they are and for whatever they are doing.”

“This continuous development cycle is the new normal across Microsoft – we’ll tune everyday experiences as well as introduce bold, connected and exciting new scenarios. “

Hopefully this means we can expect consistent and integrated features and experiences coming to all Microsoft’s products, including Windows Phone soon.

Read the full post at Technet here.