Magic School AI Review: Is the AI Worth It for Educators?

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Magic School AI Review

Looking for an in-depth Magic School AI review? This AI claims to be a helpful teaching assistant, but does it truly deliver on its promises? After testing it out, I discovered some intriguing features it offers to alleviate stress and save time for educators.

I’ll walk you through the platform’s features and discuss their effectiveness. Additionally, I’ll delve into its pricing and provide a verdict on the platform’s overall efficacy. Keep reading!

What Is MagicSchool AI?

MagicSchool AI is a platform built to assist schools and educators with various teaching tasks. These tasks encompass creating lesson plans, developing assessments, crafting rubrics, and guiding educators through specific courses. The platform leverages over 60 tools.

Through the MagicSchool AI app, users can tailor their outputs to suit their students’ class and comprehension levels. Additionally, the platform extends beyond academic support, incorporating features that enhance emotional learning among students and foster positive interactions.


Let’s explore each key feature of MagicSchool AI:

Lesson Plan 

Preparing a lesson plan is a crucial responsibility for educators, often demanding considerable time and effort. With MagicSchool’s Lesson Plan tool, you can significantly streamline this process.

Upon launching the generator, specify the grade level for which you’re creating the lesson notes. Additionally, input the topic, standard, or objective of the plan.

MagicSchool AI Lesson Plan tool

The tool is most effective when you fill in the prompt boxes with detailed information. For instance, when I entered “Trigonometry” as the topic without any specifications, it generated a generic lesson note on the topic.

Lesson Plan Generator - MagicSchool

However, inputting “Trigonometry” and specifying a few subtopics gave a better result. You can also perform more actions on the output page. This includes prompting the AI for more points on the lesson note with its integrated chatbot or exporting the generated output.

YouTube Video Summarizer

This YouTube Video Summarizer is an invaluable tool for condensing information from videos for learning purposes. It extracts the transcript from the provided URL and summarizes the content based on your specified length.

Still, there’s a possibility it might overlook some crucial points in the video.

Assignment Scaffolder

The point of giving students assignments is majorly to enhance their comprehension of specific topics or concepts. Using the MagicSchool Assignment Scaffolder, you can develop a strategic plan for students to follow when tackling any given assignment. 

This approach aids students in gaining a deeper understanding, moving beyond surface-level responses to your questions. When I tested the tool, it constructed a detailed, step-by-step approach to assignments. 

Assignment Scaffolder

To utilize it, open the Assignment Scaffolder on MagicSchool, specify the student’s grade level, and input the assignment prompt.

Rubric Generator 

The MagicSchool Rubric Generator proves valuable for crafting a consistent grading guide for student assignments. It generates a table-based rubric, outlining criteria and assigning points based on the level of criteria fulfillment. 

Rubric Generator

To use the tool, input the student’s grade level, objective, assignment title, and description. Additionally, specify the assignment scale and any optional preferences for the rubric.

The tool lacks specific details for each criterion, providing a general overview without pinpointing exact expectations. However, this leaves room for the educator to further refine and specify the criteria.

Multiple Choice Assessment

The MagicSchool AI allows the creation of multiple-choice assessments for any grade level. Its Multiple Choice Assessment feature enables you to set up to 20 questions on your chosen topics and standards. The tool’s functionality depends on how you structure your prompts.

Multiple Choice Assessments

Using the integrated Reina chatbot, you can obtain solutions to the generated multiple-choice questions. However, it’s important to note that the answers should be subject to review.

Math Spiral Review

MagicSchool’s Math Spiral Review tool facilitates the creation of ongoing math review sessions for your students. At the start of each math class, you can assign them a spiral review based on the topics covered, enhancing their retention of the material.

Math Spiral Review

To utilize the Math Spiral Review tool, input the grade level, select the math content for the review, specify the number of problems, and optionally set criteria like the difficulty level. Once problems are generated, you can prompt the AI for step-by-step solutions.

Text Leveler

Do you have a complex text that needs simplifying for your students’ comprehension? The Text Leveler tool on MagicSchool can assist in adjusting any text to match your students’ understanding. Select the desired grade level and input the text to obtain a suitable version.

Text Leveler

Primarily, this tool adjusts text by modifying the wording at the chosen grade level. 

Class Newsletter

Class Newsletter

This tool can be quite useful if your class uses newsletters to update students’ families. Simply provide it with all the details you wish to convey, and it’ll assist in generating a comprehensive newsletter for parents.

Raina Chatbot

Raina Chatbot

The Raina Chatbot is a standalone feature on MagicSchool, and it’s also seamlessly integrated into each tool on the platform. This chatbot is designed to respond to academic and personal questions. However, it may not be adept at explaining academic topics in depth.

The Actions button on the chatbot page allows you to perform actions like translating your output to other languages. It supports French, German, Arabic, and more.

Other Important Features

You can export text to Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Output history

Additionally, the platform enables users to designate favorite tools from its extensive list. It also maintains a history of the outputs you’ve obtained through the software.

How To Use MagicSchool AI

1. Go to MagicSchool AI and click on Sign up free.

Sign up for MagicSchool

2. On the signup page, enter your email and password in their respective boxes, then click Sign up. You can also sign up with Google or Microsoft.

3. Upon sign-in, you’ll be prompted to enter your name, choose a particular course if that applies to you, and enter other details.

Input Profile Details

4. After filling in the details, click Save profile. Now, follow the on-screen prompt to get started with the platform.

5. On the homepage, you’ll find an extensive list of tools offered. Select the one that suits your needs (in this guide, I’ll use the Lesson Plan tool as an example).

6. Select the Lesson Plan option.

Lesson Plan

7. On the resulting page, select the grade level corresponding to the class for which you’re preparing a lesson note.

Lesson Plan Generator

8. Next, input the subject of your lesson into the Topic, Standard, or Objective box. Provide detailed information about your objectives.

9. In the Additional Criteria box, you can add more specifics.

10. If there’s any standard you want to follow, you can include it in the Standard Set to Align to box. 

11. Click Generate for the AI to create the lesson note based on the set parameters.

12. On the result page, you can prompt the AI to add more details to your lesson note by entering what you want and clicking the Send icon. 

13. Additionally, a three-dot icon is at the top-right corner of the result page.

Perform more actions on output

This allows you to perform actions such as Copy, Save resource, Print, Export to Microsoft Word, and Export to Google Docs.


MagicSchool provides free registration for educators operating on a limited budget. However, there’s also a plus version that users gain access to for a 15-day trial upon signing up.

Here’s the breakdown of the subscription options:

  • MagicSchool Free: Full access to all 60+ tools, albeit with usage limitations. Furthermore, it doesn’t include access to new features, lacks integration of the Raina chatbot in each tool, and doesn’t support integrations such as Google exports and LMS integration.
  • MagicSchool Plus: It costs $11.99 per month and gives full access to all the tools and features without limitations.
  • MagicSchool Enterprise: The enterprise plan caters to schools and districts, providing comprehensive MagicSchool features for a group of educators.

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Magic School AI Review – Verdict

MagicSchool is an effective teaching assistant, proficiently handling various tasks required by educators. The interface is user-friendly, and its operations are straightforward. However, the AI’s knowledge is limited to information up to 2021, so users should be cautious when seeking the most recent information.

Overall, MagicSchool is worthwhile, especially when complemented with additional inputs and adjustments. I trust this MagicSchool AI review has provided you with more than enough info to reach a decision.

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