Best AI Professional Headshot Generator: 10 Amazing Options

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ai professional headshot generator

Finding the best AI professional headshot generator can be tricky, considering the number of options. Even more, some headshot generators don’t work or have bad-quality results.

This is why I took the time to test all the tools I could find and created this comprehensive list. Read on to understand what AI software is best for this task.

Best AI Professional Headshot Generator Tools

1. BetterPic

BetterPic ai professional headshot generator

An AI professional headshot generator like BetterPic delivers hi-res 4K images from your basic selfies. Say goodbye to the tedious photoshoots of yesteryear.

All you need to start is between 10 and 15 casual photos, and the AI lets you choose from countless outfits and backgrounds to craft your professional image. The tool then takes less than an hour to send you your studio-quality headshots and portraits.

The web-based platform grants the full commercial license and uses encryption to protect your images when on its servers. In just a few simple clicks or taps of your screen, you’ll see some stunning results. And, even if you aren’t happy the first time around, redos are available.


  • Get them in under an hour, from $25
  • Choose from over 150 styles
  • Up to 4K quality and indistinguishable from professional photos
  • User-friendly process


  • The trade-off is it takes time to generate

2. Aragon AI

Aragon AI interface

Aragon AI is the best AI professional headshot generator, allowing you to transform your average selfies into amazing professional headshots.

This tool was created for professionals who need high-quality headshots in a short amount of time. Whether this is for a project, CV, or LinkedIn profile picture, it helps tremendously.

Aragon AI examples

To use the app optimally, you must upload at least 12 clear-quality selfies, which the AI will use to generate your professional shots. It’ll then create a customized AI face model.

Aragon AI upload photos

After this process is completed, which takes about 2 hours, Aragain AI will generate 40 AI headshots in various styles. You can customize the style of the photos.

Aragon AI photos uploaded

To ensure that other third parties gather none of your data, Aragon AI uses the industry-standard AES-256-bit encryption.

Aragon AI purchase

To further improve data privacy, this AI will automatically delete your headshots within 30 days of their creation.


  • Creates amazing headshots that look natural
  • Can transform casual selfies into hundreds of pro-level headshots
  • The generation process is speedy
  • It has a user-friendly interface for the best experience


  • Some users mentioned that the upload process and instructions could be clearer

3. HeadshotPro

HeadshotPro interface

HeadshotPro is another fantastic AI professional headshot generator that can transform your average selfies into studio-quality headshots.

HeadshotPro login

Getting your AI-generated headshots will take about 2 hours, but the results are worth the wait!

HeadshotPro how it works

Using HeadshotPro is intuitive, and the process starts by uploading your selfies and then choosing a specific style for the output. After inputting this information, the AI will generate more than 120 headshots.

HeadshotPro choose package

The overall image quality is excellent. There’s a large variety of backdrops and clothing options for customized results.

HeadshotPro result examples

The photos produced by HeadshotPro can’t be easily distinguished from real images, but if you’re not satisfied, the company has a 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • Fast and convenient selfie to professional headshot transformation
  • Impressive AI-generated headshots with fantastic quality
  • Budget-friendly when compared to professional photographers
  • The platform is user-friendly and has an excellent design


  • The results can sometimes be a bit off
  • The input photo quality needs to be high-grade

4. ProPhotos

ProPhotos interface

ProPhotos is an AI professional headshot generator that impressed me during my testing. Even though it isn’t as powerful as the first few options in the list, it still easily creates realistic headshots.

ProPhotos pricing

Using this tool will have you forget about professional business and corporate headshots.

ProPhotos background remover

Like similar tools, the process starts by uploading your selfies to the software. Then, the AI will analyze your features and create a realistic AI model of your face.

ProPhotos testemonies

Then, you can customize how the lighting falls on your face and even add corrections to the image for the best results.

ProPhotos AI Headshots

This app works perfectly for business profiles, resumes, social media accounts, etc.


  • Quickly transforms selfies into pro-level headshots
  • Designed for users who want a professional and speedy image
  • It has a wide range of positive reviews from a variety of customers
  • The service is easy to use, and the quality is great


  • Some users have mentioned that occasionally, the app creates cartoony pictures
  • There were some customer complaints about customer service and refund issues

5. HotPot AI

HotPot AI interface

HotPot AI is a useful AI professional headshot generator that’s worth a try.

HotPot AI headshot generator

The tool was created for people who want to reimagine themselves in a variety of styles, no matter if it’s business attire or an athlete’s outfit. It creates professional headshots, AI selfies, and glamour shots to show off your face and body.

HotPot AI headshot generator examples

HotPot AI is perfect for use in a variety of environments. You can improve your social media presence, refresh your LinkedIn profile, or play around and explore variations.

HotPot AI headshot headshots

You can use various clothing styles, magnificent scenes, and other similar customizations.

HotPot AI corporate generator

Using HotPot AI, you can generate a wide range of images, starting from a 20-image set and ending with 800 photos. The tool also includes a background remover.


  • Wide range of features that cater to all users
  • Can create great AI-generated and realistic headshots
  • Includes a wide range of artistic filters and effects
  • Its interface is easy to navigate and well-designed


  • Some customers complained about the amount of data required to produce good results

6. Secta Labs

Secta Labs interface

Secta Labs is an AI-powered headshot generator that was designed for professionals looking for an easy way to create high-quality images.

Secta Labs gallery

To start using Secta, you must upload 25 of your favorite photos of yourself. The critical thing to consider here is the clarity of the selfies, which will impact the AI’s ability to generate a model of your face.

Secta Labs more results

The AI then creates hundreds of iterations of photos in less than an hour, making it the fastest processing tool from this list. You can use the New Photoshoot Tool to create even more if these are insufficient.

Secta Labs payment

The generated images are presented in a private library that lets you pick the ones you like. If you don’t like any of them, Secta Labs offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Includes a helpful set of great backdrop options
  • Ideally suited for LinkedIn headshots
  • Image generation takes only 60 minutes
  • The company is praised for its efficiency
  • Can create employee maps for large companies


  • Even though the quality is good, some results were skewed

7. The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI interface

The Multiverse AI is a useful AI-powered headshot generator that takes your selfies and transforms them into professional headshots.

The Multiverse AI process

To use this app, you must upload a set of selfies, and then the AI will take this information and generate 100 custom headshots.

The Multiverse AI results and reviews

Big companies like McKinsey and Google use this tool, allowing them to create headshots efficiently and quickly. This makes it a perfect tool for keynote speakers, modifying your LinkedIn profile, and even creating impressive resumes.

The Multiverse AI types of services

The AI engine that processes the photos was designed to capture your essence.

The Multiverse AI result examples

Furthermore, The Multiverse AI can generate professional corporate photos of your team, making it perfect for remote work.


  • Includes a variety of modes for optimal experience
  • Each digital place has its specific traits
  • It includes digital spaces like social media sites, online games, etc.
  • Perfect for creating fast and professional headshots


  • The upload phase can be cumbersome and confusing to beginners

8. Try it on AI

Try in on AI interface

Try in on AI is a powerful AI headshot generator tool that gives selfie-takers a magic way of transforming photos into professional-grade shots.

Try in on AI reviews

This tool was designed with individuals in mind, allowing users to improve and refresh their LinkedIn profile without hiring a professional photographer.

Corporations can also use it to create professional virtual team photos.

Try in on AI result examples

To initiate the process, you’ll need to upload photos to the app, and then the AI will generate a wide range of headshots identical to professionally taken studio photos.

Try in on AI suite

Try it on AI also includes a variety of styling ideas, making it easier than ever to customize your photos. The company offers tools, including Express AI (quick generation), Creative Studio (custom portraits), and Edit Your Own Tools (image editing).


  • Creates studio-quality headshots from base images
  • Designed for individuals and companies alike
  • The image results are high-quality


  • The number of tools can be confusing for users looking to generate headshots fast

9. AI Headshot Generator AI Headshot Generator interface AI Headshot Generator is an advanced tool that uses AI to generate professional-level headshots that look natural and real. AI Headshot Generator process

This tool was designed to improve anybody’s online presence by creating high-quality renderings of them in different environments. AI Headshot Generator features

To start using the tool, you must upload a set of selfies, and the AI will use these to create amazingly life-like headshots. They can be used on LinkedIn, resumes, and social media. AI Headshot Generator effects AI Headshot Generator includes a variety of backgrounds, lighting effects, varied clothes styles, poses, and even expressions. AI Headshot Generator services 2

It’s valuable for individuals who want to refresh their online presence and brands who want to build credibility.


  • Generates photorealistic headshots for business, social, or personal environments
  • The AI algorithm analyzes your facial features and creates amazing photos
  • Extensive range of backgrounds, lighting effects, poses, and expressions


  • Customers need to know exactly what they want for the best results

10. PFPMaker AI Headshot Generator

PFPMaker AI Headshot Generator interface

PFPMaker AI Headshot Generator is a completely free tool that uses AI to create amazing headshots. It was designed with individuals and companies in mind, allowing them to refresh their online presence quickly.

PFPMaker AI Headshot Generator results

Instead of spending a lot of money and time to reach specific photoshoots, using the PFPMaker AI Headshot Generator saves the day.

PFPMaker AI Headshot Generator customization

You can start by uploading a single photo to the engine, and the AI will generate dozens of corporate headshots. Each picture will have a unique background, color set, and style.

PFPMaker AI Headshot Generator background

Even though this tool isn’t as complex as others from the list, it still provides some good results. The selfie you upload must be clear and preferably with a simple background for best results.


  • Includes a variety of backdrop options to choose from
  • Perfect for business scenes and corporate use
  • Works perfectly for LinkedIn profile images
  • Results are shown in 60 minutes


  • The menus can be confusing at times

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How To Create a Professional Headshot with AI

1. Go to and sign up for one of its plans starting from $25.

BetterPic get started

2. Click Let’s get started and follow the online wizard to select your preferred styles.

BetterPic AI styles

3. Upload a minimum of 10 casual shots and selfies.

4. The AI assistant will offer guidance on photo quality or if an image needs to be replaced.

5. Hit Generate and wait up to 60 minutes to receive your portfolio and an email reminder.

BetterPic download your ai professional headshots

6. Depending on your plan, you’ll now have at least 25 hi-res headshots to download.

As you can see, there are plenty of options on the market. Choosing the right AI professional headshot generator will come down to your preference.

What AI-powered app did you pick? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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