Just Cause 4 may already be a fantastic sandbox experience, but many have found it lacking in terms of visual fidelity.

While, on consoles, Just Cause 4 is sharp enough in the resolution department. However, that doesn’t mean it’s as beautiful as Just Cause 3.

Avalanche is keen to change this with upcoming changes to most of Just Cause 4’s visual featureset.

Water and vegetation are areas that are less impressive than in the predecessor, but they are being worked on. Alongside improvements to anti-aliasing and the 4K rendering solution, JC4 is clearly being improved in this regard.

Just Cause 4’s original visual makeup left a lot to be desired. Consistent jagged edges across straight objects.
Improved AA means that objects now appear smooth in the background.

The new updates will also see the team cracking down on bugs as well as introducing an updated customization menu.

As a thank you to fans, Avalanche will also be including a free skin for playable protagonist Rico. If you wish to, you’ll soon be able to play as Rico’s Just Cause 3 variant in Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4 is currently available for £54.99/$59.99. Alternatively, you can play the entire game in Xbox Game Pass for just £7.99 or $9.99 a month.

Source: Square Enix