Turns out it wasn’t New World killing graphics cards all along

September 3, 2021
New World GPU Fixed

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Back in July, it appeared that New World was destroying obscenely expensive EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards, but EVGA has revealed that it wasn’t the games fault.

Speaking to PC World recently, EVGA revealed that they discovered, via X-ray analysis, that it was instead “poor workmanship” that killed the cards, with New World merely being the facilitator. 

In their testing, EVGA reported that they could not replicate the issue, even after working with Amazon Games to obtain the precise version of the game which caused the affected graphics cards to die. 

After reports of the destroyed cards started to emerge, Amazon Games was quick to implement a patch to resolve the issue so no more cards could be damaged. The surprisingly simple fix limited the FPS attainable on the menu screen, which stopped graphics cards from running flat out and damaging themselves. 

EVGA declined to confirm exactly how many GeForce RTX 3090 had been returned and subsequently replaced, but they did give an approximate answer by saying it has received “about two dozen” dead cards. 

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New World has recently been delayed in order to “smash bugs, improve stability, and polish the game” so it’s not planned to release until September 28th 2021.

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