Huawei’s Mate X just absolutely demolished the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Huawei just had its Mobile World Congress 2019 launch event, and there officially announced the Huawei Mate X.

Huawei appears to have been conscious that they will be going second after Samsung’s Galaxy Fold announcement in the middle of last week and used that time to focus on the competitive advantages of their device.

They made much of the fact that the external screen when folded was full-sized at 6.6 inches, rather than the small 4.6-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

In addition, they noted when folded open their screen was bigger than the Fold, and without a camera notch.

Huawei’s CEO also spent a lot of time on the hinge design, noting it included 100 components and took 3 years to develop, and crucially allowed the device to fold completely flat, unlike the now ironically named Fold.

Huawei noted that Samsung’s device had the thickness of one smartphone when opened, and two when folded, unlike theirs which was one of the thinnest tablets when opened, and as thick as a normal device when closed.

Huawei managed to achieve the thin and borderless design by putting much of the electronics into a sidebar, and noted this allowed them to take superior selfies, as the same Leica-designed camera was used for both front and back.

The phone also included a mirror mode, which let subjects frame their photo better.

Huawei may have somewhat less OS optimizations than Samsung however. They only supported side by side browsing and other apps.

They, however, boasted that the device was dual-SIM for global connectivity, with one of the SIM slots usable for memory expansion.

Despite being thin it also included side-by-side batteries totalling 4500 mAh.

The batteries support Huawei’s Supercharge 55W charging technology.

This can charge the battery up to 85% in only 30 minutes, 6 times faster than the iPhone, and the same charger, included in the box, could also be used to charge a laptop.

Huawei is marketing the phone as the fastest foldable phone, and this is based on the performance of their 5G model, which they claim is the world’s fastest, and much faster than that of the Fold.

This is due to the combination of their Balong 5000 and Kirin 980 chipset in the device.

Huawei has also thought of the little things, such as protecting your investment. They are offering a special protective case designed specifically for the device.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X will only be available in one colour, Interstellar Blue, but more may arrive in the future.

The bad news starts with the pricing, with the device costing a massive 2299 Euro (£2000, $2600) with availability slated for around the June period.

Do our readers agree that Huawei appears to have wiped the floor with the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Let us know below.