It would appear that Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou isn’t a fan of the company’s own hardware.

After the controversial CFO was arrested over possible violations of sanctions again Iran, information leaked regarding her own personal hardware.

You’d think that a company CFO–and daughter of the company’s founder–would rock their own hardware, apparently not. Instead of a Huawei P20, Wanzhou used an iPhone 7 Plus as her daily driver.

The hardware betrayals don’t stop there. Also found in her possession was an iPad Pro, not a MediaPad M5, and a Macbook Air instead of a MateBook Pro.

It’s pretty clear that, in Wanzhou’s eyes, Apple products are superior to the device’s she pushes. If she, a CFO of Huawei, doesn’t trust her own products, why should you? It’s a shame then, since Huawei’s products are (mostly) good quality products.

However, Wanzhou did have one Huawei product in her possession. A secondary phone, the Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Edition, was also found on her person. It is a pretty nice phone, and Wanzhou knows it. But is it her daily driver? Or does she much prefer the older iPhone?

At least Huawei is still working on great technology. With the upcoming p30 and p30 Pro phones and their upcoming take on foldables, Huawei is still an industry powerhouse in the Android market.