Here is what Microsoft is expected to announce at their upcoming Spring hardware event



Microsoft is holding a Spring hardware event soon, and while we do not expect any ground-breaking announcements the WC has managed to round up a list of devices and accessories Microsoft are expected to launch at the still unannounced event.

Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft is expected to announce the much-leaked Surface Laptop 4, with but 11th gen Intel processors and AMD Ryzen 4000.  Microsoft is also expected to bring new colours to the range, including an Ice Blue version. Microsoft will also offer Alcantara on the 13.5-inch version, but only metal for the 15-inch version. Configurations up to 32 GB will also be available.

Surface Headphones 2+

Microsoft is expected to announce a minor update to the Surface Headphones 2, the Surface Headphones 2+,  aimed at enterprise users, which will feature a dongle that would let the headphones connect to desktops without Bluetooth. The headphones, available only in black, are expected to be “Teams Certified”. Microsoft is also expected to start selling replacement earmuffs for the headphones.

Surface Classroom Pen 2

Microsoft is expected to start shipping the new Surface Classroom Pen 2 for commercial customers.  The Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 has a longer enclosure and a more affordable price tag of $19.99. This new Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is expected to be available in 36 markets around the world.


Microsoft is rumoured to be planning a new webcam to address the burgeoning video conferencing market.

The new camera will reportedly support HDR video and feature a privacy cover.  It will not however have 4K support.

Petri reports that Microsoft will also be releasing an audio peripheral to complement the webcam, though it would probably have made more sense to create an all-in-one product.

Launch date

The Microsoft Spring hardware event is expected to be in the next few weeks, with the hardware hitting the market soon after.

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