“The Wii U didn’t die, it was murdered,” is probably the title for at least two YouTube videos somewhere. While the Wii U will inevitably be forgotten by a large number of people, someone at HBO still remembers the dead Nintendo system.

In an advertisement for HBO’s subscription service, the Wii U has been brought back from the dead to shill another company’s product. Heading to the bottom of the HBO website shows a range of devices accompanied by a lone Wii U Pro Controller.

While HBO certainly didn’t mean to drag the Wii U out of its lonesome grave, the inclusion of the device is rather humorous. While the system did have some intriguingly unique mechanics entirely for watching video content, HBO’s streaming service was never available on the console.

Instead, the HBO application is only available on PS4 and Xbox One. The app isn’t even available on Nintendo Switch, an unsurprising realization after it took YouTube an age to get there.

Is someone at HBO just a big fan of the Wii U? Probably not, who would be?