Dragon Quest is bringing back that controller for the Nintendo Switch


12, 2019

Announced alongside the likes of Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo’s Direct showcase revealed the impressive port of Dragon Quest XI S for the Nintendo Switch. What they didn’t show was the return of that controller for the upcoming expanded port.

Releasing in September, publisher Square Enix has decided to revive the series’ Slime Controller for its latest release.

Designed in the shape of Dragon Quest’s iconic slime creature, the rounded pad is an entire Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It’s got dual analogue sticks, a D-Pad, face buttons motions controllers, the whole nine yards. It’s even wireless!

Those who decide to pick up the Dragon Quest Slime Controller… for some reason, will also get a cardboard treasure chest. It appears to be some form of stand for the Nintendo Switch console.

During E3, Square Enix also announced release dates for Final Fantasy 7 (remake) and Marvel’s Avengers A-Day. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our E3 coverage right here at MSPoweruser Gaming.

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