Google Chrome and Edge will show YouTube video info in the volume overlay


20, 2019

Google is working on improving the core framework to make sure it’s at par with other browsers. The company recently added a new feature that shows YouTube video info on the volume overlay.

The new feature is currently available in the latest Edge Insider builds or Google’s latest Canary build. If you’re using any of those, you can just press media keys on the keyboard and the volume overlay will appear with more information about the video. The overlay displays album’s name, thumbnail and company and media controls.

I’m the developer at Microsoft that worked on this feature. I’m so happy to see so many people enjoy it!

As some people noticed, this is also working in Chrome canary. I worked with a couple engineers at Google to implement this in the Chromium project.

Edge developer

The feature is currently available for YouTube but we expect Google and Microsoft to work together and expand it to other services as well in the future.

Via Techdows

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