Want to see hashtags in Threads? We’ve got some good news for you

July 21, 2023

Hashtags in Threads could be a thing soon. This change is spotted in the latest beta release for Android of the so-called “Twitter killer” app.

As spotted by tech enthusiast @SaadhJawwadh, the hashtag seems to be in the developmental stage and not fully operational. However, there are indications that it will be functional soon. When a user includes the hashtag in their post, the font color of the hashtag appears different from the rest of the post.

Hashtags are a fundamental part of Twitter’s identity, as they simplify the process of browsing specific topics. At the moment, however, Threads does not support this metadata tag and users cannot engage with them. But, since Threads is an app from Meta, there is a possibility that this feature could be introduced soon.

Apart from hashtags, there are several other exciting updates on the horizon for Threads. Some of these updates have been confirmed, while others are yet to be officially announced. The confirmed updates include translation and the following tab.

On the other hand, the Direct Message (DM) feature’s status is still currently uncertain. Instagram’s CEO previously stated that DM is not part of Threads’ roadmap, implying that it may not be implemented. However, a leaked 13-page document indicates that DM is indeed among the features labeled as “coming soon.”

What is your opinion on Meta working to bring hashtags in Threads? Can we expect this feature to be introduced in the app soon? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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