Threads new updates: Translation, follow tab, and crash fixes are being “cooked up”

July 19, 2023

Two weeks have passed since the launch of Threads, the so-called “Twitter killer,” introduced by Meta. During this time, the platform has faced various controversies while also achieving an impressive milestone of over 100 million sign-ups within the initial five days. Now, we’re getting the first set of Threads new updates since its launch. 

Cameron Roth, Instagram’s software engineer, said on the platform to reveal some of the new features that the team has been “cooking up.” The updates include translations, a follows tab, subscribe to unfollowed users, fixes on activity feed scrolling, and a “Following +” button on the replies page. 

Additionally, users can now enjoy tappable reposter labels and open their Instagram followers list through Threads, alongside bugs and performance fixes.

“You may need to restart your app to see some of these or otherwise wait until the end of the day! We use a system of server-delivered flags which can take awhile to fully release,” says the dev.

The first big batch of updates arrived amidst rumors that the hotly-anticipated Meta app will soon include Direct Messages (DM) feature. This contradicts previous statements by Instagram boss Adam Mosseri, who said that DMs were not on Threads’ roadmap. Instead, the DM feature is listed as one of the features that are “coming soon.”

However, privacy concerns have been surrounding the app for quite some time. Many users compare both Threads and Twitter‘s data collection policy from respective’s descriptions on app stores and the result is quite worrying. Threads seem to ask for more parameters than its competitor, even health & Fitness data and browsing history. 

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