Halo Infinite’s dire battle pass is being fixed

November 18, 2021
Halo Infinite Multiplayer

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343 Industries has announced that they’re going to be tuning Halo Infinite’s battle pass and challenges in order to make progression more enjoyable. 

After some of the excitement at Halo Infinite’s multiplayer surprise launch had died down, players started to realize that battle pass progression was painstakingly slow, taking numerous hours of gameplay to just level up once. 

Thankfully 343 Industries has seen the fanbase’s frustrations and are already working on fixing the problems. In a Twitter thread, Halo’s community manager, John Junyszek, explained that they “will be making targeted tunings to our model later this week.” 

These targeted tunings include introducing a challenge to just “Play 1 Game,” which should let players progress through the battle pass with much greater ease. Alongside this, 343 Industries will also be “adjusting, fixing bugs with, and removing some Weekly Challenges based on your feedback.” 

Double XP Boosts that are available for purchase in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will also be seeing an upgrade, with the duration being doubled from just 30 minutes to now a full hour. 

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Junyszek went on to say that “we’ll be watching these changes closely to make sure they have the positive impact we all want on your progression,” so if these changes don’t quite have the desired effect, we should hopefully see another fix in the future.

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