Halo Infinite’s Craig is a rockstar now

November 19, 2021
Halo Infinite Craig

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Halo Infinite previews have started popping up and alongside gameplay and early impressions, we’ve got another glimpse at what we’re all really playing Halo Infinite for. Craig. 

After his appearance in Halo Infinite’s debut gameplay reveal, Craig has been a thing of wonder. Nothing could quite compare to his big beautiful bald head, and we’re glad to see he hasn’t been forgotten after becoming the “official Xbox mascot.” 

While 343 Industries has given the brutes a well-deserved facelift since the initial gameplay review, Craig lives on in Halo Infinite, now as a rockstar on Zeta Halo. We know this thanks to YouTuber Mint Blitz, who discovered the Craig easter egg during their early preview of the game. 

In Halo Infinite’s fourth mission, after doing some impressive Grapple Shot parkour you’re able to see him, our savour, Craig, immortalized as the rock legend he truly is. In this shrine, we’re treated to a poster for Craig’s 2560 Zeta Halo Tour, as well as his greatest hits album resting alongside his guitar. There’s also the IWHBYD skull up there too but that pails in comparison to Craig. 

The Craig greatest hits album gives us a glimpse into the life of this rock legend after this all too brief appearance in the gameplay debut, thanks to the tracklist on the back. The songs on this album are as follows:

  • I smile inside
  • For the Craig
  • I was alone
  • I got tears last summer
  • I’m the Craig in your heart
  • My mom used to love me
  • Popped in the chin by my friend
  • Space gophers, where’d the rhinos go?
  • The smell of flowers makes me happy
  • Your words hurt, but I love it 
  • The day you become a meme
  • Grunt! Grunt! Grunt! Grunt! 
  • I can’t grow beard
  • I am so famous
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Halo Infinite is currently due to launch on December 8th 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. While you can play Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer right now, the real question is, when do we get the Craig greatest hits album for ourselves?

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