Microsoft has finally revealed Halo Infinite gameplay at the Xbox Games Showcase, giving players a look at the upcoming first-person shooter. 

Starting at the gorgeous title screen, Xbox showed off a lengthy section of Halo Infinite gameplay starting with a cutscene featuring the Master Chief and the pilot from last year’s E3 trailer.

The Halo Infinite gameplay revealed exciting shooter gameplay showing the Chief fighting the Covenant faction The Banished in gameplay extremely reminiscent of a modern Combat Evolved.

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The game does indeed feature a grappling hook, alongside a large open world style environment with icons to find objectives in a much larger location than the series has ever seen.

Halo 3 like equipment returns in the form of deployable shields, a grappling hook and more. The hook can be used on the environment, enemies and objects like barrels to launch back at foes.

Check out the gameplay below:

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