GTA V ray tracing mod makes Los Santos even more stunning



GTA V may be showing its age in some areas, but it’s still a gorgeous looking open-world title.

Sure, Grand Theft Auto V may not be as pretty and gob-hangingly gorgeous as Rockstar’s latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s still a fine looking game! But with a new mod, it’s even more beautiful.

Mod creator Pascal Glitcher recently created a ray tracing addition to his popular injection mod ReShade and now it’s available to be used within GTA V.

Showcased with a new video, the GTA V ray tracing mod has some stunning effects. Some of the game’s dingy environments are vastly improved by allowing more realistic light. The light bounce on the hood of supercars looks fantastic, but it’s Michael’s house which stands out the most.

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Starting at around 1:44, the interior of Michael’s house is a gorgeous indoor environment with this mod. Everything looks much brighter with the light springing off the gorgeous laminated floor. It’s a sight to behold.

Check out the video above and tell us what you think. Are you a fan of ray tracing? Do you want an official GTA V ray tracing patch? Maybe for PS5?

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