GTA V is leaving Xbox Game Pass Soon

July 27, 2021
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After joining Xbox Game Pass in April, it looks like GTA V won’t be around for long, as according to the Xbox app, it’s leaving the subscription service “soon.” 

There’s yet to be an official announcement confirming that GTA V is leaving, or when exactly it’ll be going beyond the ambiguous “soon” but it appears that the game’s number is up. 

Games that enter the “leaving soon” section on the Xbox Game Pass website and mobile app, where GTA V has been spotted, usually only last for another two weeks before leaving the service, so we can expect GTA V to depart Xbox Game Pass before the 10th of August. 

This isn’t even the first time that GTA V has joined and left the service, as Rockstar’s massively successful open-world crime ‘em up first debuted on the platform in January of 2020, before leaving in May after a four-month stint, similar to what we’re seeing now. 

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If you want to pick up GTA V and own it for good on Xbox consoles so you’re not left without it once it leaves Xbox Game Pass then you’re in luck, as at the moment, until the 5th of August, Xbox is running their Ultimate Game Sale, where you can pick up Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition at 50% off for just $14.99

While GTA V and GTA Online are undoubtedly Rockstar’s more lucrative properties, Red Dead Online will still be available on Xbox Game Pass, so fans of Rockstar’s games will still have something to enjoy.

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