Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut has been announced

July 2, 2021
Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut

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Including the brand new Iki Island, Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut is real, and it’s coming to PlayStation 5 and 4 consoles on August 20th.

It’s been almost a year since Ghosts of Tsushima first launched onto the PS4, so it’s clearly well overdue for an upgrade onto the latest generation of hardware. As you might expect, the Director’s Cut will make the most of the increased performance, with “drastically improved load times, 4K resolution options** and framerates targeting 60 FPS.” 

Due to the PlayStation 5’s ability to render cinematics in real-time thanks to its mighty powerful hardware, the Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut will also feature lip sync for Japanese voice over for the first time in the base game, and in the Iki Island expansion. 

Unlike other games, such as DOOM Eternal and its recent next-gen upgrade, in Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut, you’ll thankfully be able to transfer over your save file from PS4 to PS5 so you can pick up right where you left off if you don’t feel like playing the entire game again. 

As you might hope for a game on PlayStation 5, the Director’s Cut will also feature DualSense support to make Ghosts of Tsushima as immersive as it can be thanks to the wonders of haptic feedback. 

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Launching on August 20th this year, Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut will be available at  $69.99 USD on PS5 and $59.99 USD on PS4. Mercifully, if you own Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 already, it’ll only cost $19.99 USD to upgrade.

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