[UPDATE] Gears of War 5 release date and cover art leaked

by Ash
June 8, 2019

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UPDATE 8.6.19: A Reddit post from user u/Frocharocha shows a giant poster at E3 that confirms that Gears 5 will, indeed, be releasing in Fall 2019.

Giant poster confirms that Gears 5 will be released in fall 2019 from xboxone

The poster also confirms that Gears 5 will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

As a nice bonus, it appears that the official art used on the poster is the same as the box art shown below, which could indicate that the art is indeed official.

We should be getting more information about Gears 5 at E3, so stay tuned!

Original article continues below:

Microsoft’s upcoming exclusive third-person shooter Gears of War 5 (or Gears 5) will be releasing this September.

Leaked through the Taiwanese Game Software Rating Regulations, Gears 5’s release date is now scheduled for a September 10th release date. Of course, that date could change between now and release.

Alongside the September 10th date, Gears 5’s key art has also been leaked. The box art, which features protagonist Kait alongside numerous staple Gears characters alongside some nasty-looking visuals. To our eye, the supposed villains look rather fake compared to the central image of Kait, but this could be a mock-up.

These images were spotted by Spanish website Generacion Xbox. While these images could be true, E3 “leaks” are always common this time of year.

Then again, release dates and box arts are known to leak through ratings boards often, especially with Microsoft products. Sunset Overdrive’s recent PC port was leaked more than once and even Hellblade’s Xbox One port was known of before launch.

Gears 5 is one of Microsoft’s key exclusives for this holiday season. With no other announcements, but probably a Forza game, it’s a very important title for both Xbox One and Windows 10. While we don’t know much about the game thus far, we do know that is will have a “focus on dramatic change”.

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