Switch Online reportedly getting Game Boy games


31, 2021

According to a new report by Nintendo Life, the Switch Online service will soon be expanded with games from the Game Boy as well as its prettier brother, the Game Boy Colour. 

The possible addition of these games was first hinted at all the way back in the before times that were 2019, with a datamine uncovering emulators which were likely for Game Boy games, however, this was never confirmed beyond rumours. 

While the news has been quiet about these rumours since then, it appears that it’s all hotting up once again, with Nintendo Life, and their sources, saying that both Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games could be due to arrive on the service “really soon.” 

The exact games that may be coming to the service have yet to be announced, but there are a plethora of titles to choose from that would make Switch Online even more enjoyable beyond the inherent fun in multiplayer gaming. 

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Nintendo Life went on to report that, according to their insider source, there’s less chance of Switch Online getting Game Boy Advance titles, however, multiple companies are currently working on re-releases, including Nintendo Themselves who are working on Advance Wars. 

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