Nearly 10 million people are already subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online


29, 2019

9.8 million people are now subscribed to Nintendo’s online service, Nintendo Switch Online.

After being available since September, 2018, the service has claimed nearly 10 million users in just eight months.

Nintendo Switch Online’s high attach rate is surprising considering the few bonuses subscribers get compared to Xbox Live or PSN. Cloud saves, a host of NES games and online multiplayer for paid titles go a long way, but complaints regarding Nintendo’s choice of free games have been constant.

However, Nintendo has gone out of their way to make new games exclusive for Switch Online subscribers. The recently-released Tetris 99 was a free gift for anyone who owned Nintendo Switch Online. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this. Well, at least until SNES games come to the service.

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With 34.7 million units sold worldwide, the Nintendo Switch is certainly pushing impressive numbers on all fronts.

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