Elon Musk could put a monthly limit on how many tweets you can view

November 8, 2022

Elon Musk is currently making big changes to Twitter, including the Blue subscription with verification for all. There are other changes that Twitter’s new boss may not have talked about publicly, but he might have internally discussed with his advisers. According to a report from tech newsletter Platformer, Musk and one of his key advisors have discussed in meetings putting a monthly limit on how many tweets non-paid users can view.

Musk is still considering the idea, which means we might see all of Twitter going behind the paywall. The report says the microblogging site could be free for everyone for a certain period of time each month, after which a paywall will come into effect. What it effectively means is that non-paid users will only be able to view tweets only in that period when it’s not behind a paywall.

The report also claims that such changes are currently in the discussion stage and will take a while before being available to the general public, provided that Musk greenlights the idea. Meanwhile, developers at Twitter are currently focussing on implementing its revamped Blue subscription service that brings the opportunity to people to get verified by paying a monthly fee of $8. According to reports, the new Blue subscription model will come into effect after the US’s mid-term elections are over.

After Musk took over Twitter, many Twitter users left the platform, citing increased hate and bigotry. The microblogging site has suspended around 1.3 million accounts since Musk became the new owner. Many users have criticized this move, as Musk has previously claimed to be a “free speech absolutist.” Musk is also facing fierce criticism for laying off almost half of the company’s employees, though he later called some of the already laid-off employees back into the office to resume their roles at Twitter.

As things stand right now, the future of Twitter is now very clear under Musk. But there should be more clarity on how the company will draw the line between hate speech and free speech in the coming days. We might also see the company addressing the concerns of advertisers so that they can resume advertising on the platform.

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