Microsoft announces Elgato Stream Deck plugin integration with Teams

February 2, 2023

Teams users can now use Elgato Stream Deck to get instant access to their favorite Teams features and functions.

The Elgato Stream Deck is popular among streamers who need easy access to different commands while conducting live streams. Simply put, the device allows shortcuts to different functions of some programs and apps. This includes activating some Mac shortcuts and controlling Zoom calls. Given these capabilities, Microsoft has decided to introduce the new Elgato Stream Deck plugin integration with Teams, allowing users to access specific Teams functions with a touch of a button. To do this, Teams users need the latest version of the Elgato Stream Deck plugin and program the custom keys on the Elgato Stream Deck device for some Teams features.

“Before you join your meeting or webinar, click on the ellipses within Teams (next to your profile), select settings, choose privacy, and click manage API at the bottom of the menu,” Microsoft explains. “Toggle on to enable API and generate the API token and copy this API to input into Stream Deck. Within Stream Deck, scroll down to the Microsoft Teams section and drag and drop one of the Teams actions on to a key and paste in the API token. The API token will now automatically be applied with any additional Teams actions you add. Once you join your next meeting or webinar, you’ll see your new Teams keys light up on your Elgato Stream Deck device and be able to have a more seamless experience with Teams.”

Using the new plugin, Teams users can program different Teams keys on their Elgato Stream Deck device. These functions include toggles for the camera, mute, record, and background blur. Elgato Stream Deck owners can also program the device to get convenient control access to leave the meeting, raise or lower a hand, and display live reactions, including applause, laugh, like, love, and wow.

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