Due to software, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Book Pro laptops will be uniquely Samsung

Samsung is famous for skinning Android with their various skins, and with the company set to launch the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 tomorrow, the company is also intent on making their Windows 10 laptops uniquely Samsung.

ALumia reports the company is set to bundle their laptops with the following long list of Samsung apps.

1) Samsung Settings (1.5)
2) Samsung Bluetooth Sync
3) Samsung O
4) Samsung Free
5) Samsung Care+
6) Samsung TV Plus
7) Smarthings
8) Quick Share
9) Galaxy Book Smart Switch
10) Galaxy Book Experience

The software is intended to bring Samsung user’s experience with Android to Windows, with the ability to sync Bluetooth connections between devices for example or the ability to easily switch your Galaxy Buds from your phone to your laptop.

Samsung settings

Samsung is presumably looking to offering an integrated experience similar to what Apple offers between macOS and iOS, but without owning the operating systems on either platform.

With Samsung however a small player in the laptop market, it remains to be seen if buyers will choose a Samsung laptop because it works better with their Galaxy phone.

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