Samsung Free (Samsung Daily) newsfeed app coming to Windows 10

by Surur
February 12, 2021

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Samsung is bringing a series of its exclusive apps to Windows 10, according to ALumia.

One of those apps is Samsung Free (previously Samsung Daily), a newsfeed app similar to the Google Discover app on Android.

On Android the app has the following description:

  • Watch: Use this tab to access a wide selection of TV channels from Samsung TV Plus. Tap a category (such as Movies, Lifestyle, News, and so on) and then browse the programs currently on air. Just tap on the show name to watch the live TV program. You can swipe left to see which shows will air later. However, you can only watch or select currently live programs;
  • Read: Find out the latest headlines from multiple news sources, so you always know what’s going on in the world. Scroll down to browse available items. When you reach the bottom, tap More Articles to load more articles. By default, you will see general news articles, but you can customize which categories to display. For more details, see the section “Customize categories in the Read tab”;
  • Play: Check out free games, such as puzzle or Mahjong. Tap a game to play it; will open in Instant Plays (Beta). This feature allows you to play right away and there without downloading anything. The games you play will be saved in Game Launcher, where you can access them later and play from where you left off.

At present, it is not clear when the apps will arrive, and if they will be exclusive to Samsung laptops.

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