Dragon Age 4 reportedly won’t launch in 2022

January 21, 2022
Dragon Age 4

According to a pair of reports from some of the industry’s most reliable insiders, Dragon Age 4 is still over a year away, so maybe don’t board the hype train just yet. 

Both noted leaker Tom Henderson and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb have stated in corroborating reports that Dragon Age 4 is still a long way away, with Henderson stating that according to his sources, there’s “no chance,” that BioWare’s Dragon Age 4 will release this year. 

Similarly, Grubb has previously stated that their “sources familiar with the fantasy role-playing adventure confirm the game is on track for release in 2023,” so we might not even be hearing anything new about the game until later on this year, potentially during E3, Summer Games Fest, or The Game Awards. 

To make sure that EA actually has a blockbuster release to look forward to this year, beyond a meagre drip-feed of content into Battlefield 2042, Criterion’s next Need for Speed game will reportedly fill the void left by Dragon Age 4

That’s according to Tom Henderson, once again, who stated that “EA is expecting Need for Speed by Criterion Games to release in September/October 2022.” Henderson also reports that development on this game was paused in the summer of 2021, due to Criterion Games needing to help with the development of Battlefield 2042. 

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As if Henderson hadn’t leaked enough of EA’s lineup already, he went on to claim that “things are set in motion to reveal the next Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game by Respawn Entertainment.” Henderson reports that “a May 4th reveal now seems incredibly likely,” and that the game will launch in Q4 of this year.

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