DOOM Eternal will allow players to take a breather between frantic shooting sessions in a newly announced in-game hub.

Of course, players can still expect a great deal of shooting, ripping, tearing and general DOOMery. But why would you want to fight all the time? Doomguy needs to take a break: maybe he can sit down and enjoy a beer?

Announced during a recent Quakecon panel, Creative Director Hugo Martin revealed that the player character will have a hub area of sorts. Claiming that we’ll get to see how and where Doomguy “hangs out”, the introduction of a relaxation spot will certainly be a unique addition to the series.

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Surprisingly, there’s been a lot of DOOM news to correlate with the series’ 25th anniversary. Re-releases of the original trilogy and a tease of a new DOOM 64 port are bringing the iconic franchise back into the limelight.