DOOM 64 may be re-released for the first time since 1997


27, 2019

The hidden gem of id Software’s influential shooter franchise DOOM, DOOM 64, may be making its way to modern hardware.

With Bethesda’s recent re-release of the original DOOM trilogy launching last night, the publisher is certainly going ham for the series’ 25th anniversary. But what about the 1997 Nintendo 64 exclusive?

According to a recent rating through the European Ratings Board PEGI, via Gematsu, DOOM 64 will be releasing on at least PlayStation 4 and PC. According to the outlet, the recent trilogy’s release was also strictly listed for PS4 and PC despite also appearing on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Mortal Kombat creators Midway Games, the title is – lorewise – a canonical sequel to the second DOOM game. Launching in 1997, the game was met with critical success.

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