Disney’s Moana comes to Minecraft in new character pack

Mojang has announced that characters from Disney’s Moana are making their way into Minecraft today. This is just one of the latest character packs from popular entertainment that have graced the game. In October, Minecraft received a Stranger Things skin pack.

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From the official announcement, its description reads : “The Moana Character Pack features an intrepid crew of Pacific islanders, the shapeshifting demigod Maui, a giant gold-grabbing crab, coconut-clad pirates, watery apparitions, volcanic demons and other denizens of the deep. You can even play as a lethally stupid chicken.”

Moana released two years ago by Walt Disney Animations Studios. The film follows a young girl named Moana who journeys to find a demigod in order to save her island and people. It became incredibly popular and even snagged two Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Film and Best Original Song.

For those waiting for Minecraft’s Aquatic Update, it’s still a ways off.