Devolver Digital has gone public and Sony has bought a stake


5, 2021

Indie publisher Devolver Digital has gone public on the London Stock Exchange this week, and Sony has already bought a stake. 

As a publicly-traded company valued at $950 million, and apparently “your sixth favourite game publisher,” Devolver Digital will be able to “continue to invest into all the games we’re working on now,” while also being able to “partner on new ones that we’ve previously not been able to consider.” 

Since going public both NetEase and Sony have bought a healthy stake in the publisher, with the companies picking up eight and five per cent stakes respectively but this doesn’t mean that Devolver Digital will only be producing PlayStation titles now. 

In the announcement post, Devolver Digital revealed that the employees at the company are still the majority owners so they’re in control of “its future, and its future’s future,” so you don’t have to worry about them being acquired by one of the industries big players. 

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In the announcement post for going public as DEVO, Devolver Digital also announced that their acquired studios of Croteam, Dodge Roll, Nerial, and Firefly Studios all have “incredible” games and experiences in the works thanks to their full creative autonomy. Sadly, there are “no specific plans for Enter the Gungeon 2 but rest assured we’ve asked them more than once.”

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