Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed into 2022


27, 2021

Devolver Digital has announced that Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed into 2022, and there’s a new trailer to celebrate.

“From the publisher and developer that brought you the slight delay of Shadow Warrior 2 comes the slight delay of Shadow Warrior 3 into 2022,” Devolver Digital announced in the description of the new trailer in their typical tongue in cheek fashion. 

On Twitter, Devolver Digital went on to ‘explain’ that we won’t be seeing the game until next year because “Shadow Warrior 3 needs a bit more time to sharpen its blades,” which most likely means the game is in need of more polishing. 

With so many games having been delayed throughout the past year and a half, it’s nice to see developers and publishers finally having a bit of fun with the announcements, even if it’s not exactly what we want to hear. 

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For now, Shadow Warrior 3 has just been pushed to some ambiguous point in 2022, with the exact date due to be announced sometime soon. With Devolver Digital calling it just a “slight delay” hopefully we won’t be waiting for too long before we can enjoy some more high octane action.

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