Sony is offering PlayStation players without a subscription to PS+ a great deal: PlayStation Plus is 50% off for new subscribers right now!

While the subscription deal is only available for customers within the UK and Germany, PlayStation is offering one hell of a deal.

Compared to the £50/€60 price of an annual subscription to PlayStation’s online membership, customers without an active PS+ membership will be able to get a full year for 50% off. That’s right, just £25 for a full year of PlayStation Plus.

Unfortunately, those who currently have a subscription to PlayStation’s service are not eligible for this deal. Users over at the Resetera forum have even tried to cancel current subscriptions in order to get in on the cheap offer: they were unsuccessful.

Of course, anyone who does decide to get in on the deal will have to make sure that they remember subscribing. In a year’s time, PlayStation’s auto-renewal system will take away the full £50 asking price to renew your subscription. In our experience, reminder emails aren’t usually sent.

If you want to get in on the deal you can click the following links. For UK customers, click here to subscribe. German customers can click here.

PlayStation’s free monthly game offerings have been rather lackluster since the company stopped including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games, but there are still some strong inclusions on a monthly basis. In fact, to get PlayStation players ready for the now-delayed The Last of Us 2, this month’s service includes the remastered version of the original game.

Oh, also, PS+ subscribers get discounted pizza which is always amazing.