Chrome Canary now lets you generate QR Code for any web page URL


6, 2019

Google has developed an alternative solution to the Send to your devices feature in Chrome. The company has added a new flag titled Enable sharing page via QR code, enabling which will let you generate QR code for any web page URL, which you will then be able to share or scan from your smartphone.

Enabling the flag will add an option called Generate QR code for this page in the Chrome context menu, you’ll need to click on that option to generate the QR code. You’ll also be able to download the code and share it with anyone you want.

This is a useful feature both for individuals and businesses as it provides a simple solution to visit websites. Not only it lets businesses generate QR code for their website but it also lets users visit the website from their smartphone without going through the pain of typing the website address in the URL bar. Also, if you’re one of those who don’t like to use Google Chrome’s Send to your devices feature, which lets you send webpages from your desktop PC to your smartphone, you can use this feature as an alternative.

To make the option for QR code generator appear in the context menu, all you need to do is visit chrome://flags/, search for Enable sharing page via QR code and then click on the rectangular box at the right side of the flag, and select Enabled option. Now open a new tab page to see the change.

The feature is available only in Chrome Canary Version 80.0.3987.0, but it will be available for all Chrome users in the coming days.

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