Google Chrome for Windows 10 can now send webpages to all your devices

by Rahul
August 13, 2019
Google Chrome

Microsoft’s “Continue on PC” feature lets you send webpages from your Android smartphone to your Windows PC. The only drawback of the feature is that it cannot send webpages from PC to your smartphone or other devices for that matter.

Now Google is doing what Microsoft should’ve done a long time ago. Google is now in the process of adding a “Send to your devices” option the context menu of Chrome. Sending webpages from PC to other devices will now need you to right-click on the webpage and hover your mouse over “Send to your devices” option. Upon doing so you’ll see all your devices that are connected to Google account and from there you’ll be able to choose which device you want to send the webpage to. The feature works faster than Microsoft’s “Continue on PC,” in my opinion.

If you want to send a webpage to your smartphone, you’ll choose the smartphone, the name of which you’ll see on the menu. Thereafter your phone will receive the notification, clicking on which will open the webpage on your smartphone. Note, the webpage will only open on Chrome browser even if the default browser in your smartphone is set to Microsoft Edge.

In related news, Google earlier added a new flag to Chrome Canary, which lets users sync their clipboard across devices while using Google Chrome. Put simply, you’ll be able to copy on one device and paste it in another device, of course, you’ll need Chrome on those two devices. Clipboard sync coupled with the ability to send webpages from PC to other devices seems a reasonable threat to Microsoft’s goal of making users spend more time on PC as Google is trying to do the exact opposite thing.

Google is rolling out the feature to users running Chrome Stable in a phased manner, meaning that not everyone will get the feature today.

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