Cartoonist Hugh MacLeod’s Illustrates Life Inside Microsoft, It’s Awesome


27, 2015

Cartoonist Hugh MacLeod decided to document a moment of major transition at Microsoft, where Satya Nadella and fresh thinking across the company are quietly transforming the 40-year-old company. The result is an awesome set of cartoons.

Look through his drawings and you’ll see a duality to his edginess and humor. It’s comedic art that oozes attitude, yet requires thought. Right now I have my eyes on a sketch of two offbeat creatures. The caption reads: “The freakier we get, the better we get.” To MacLeod, those words encapsulate the Microsoft story. “Microsoft is super successful BECAUSE of its hardcore freak culture of smart, talented, out-there people, not in spite of it,” he tells me. At the same time, he points out there’s an underlying warning that going forward, the company needs to ensure that no one loses their freak.

microsoft-moon-shot Microsoft Cartoon Microsoft Cartoon 2 Microsoft Cartoon 1

Check out his entire collection here. Read his profile on him here.

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