You can now use Spotify in Japan on your Windows 10 PCs and phones


Spotify for Windows phones received an update late last night, with a new in-app message announcing the arrival of the service to Japan.

The service, which was previously available in 59 countries till date, is now available in Japan to a limited number of users pending a full roll-out.

For Windows Phone users in Japan – of whom there are now users more than last year due to an improved device selection – this is good news as they can now access Spotify’s large library of music without having to go to other platforms. While Spotify still hasn’t provided Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Daily Mix or any of its newer features to the Windows Phone app, at least users of Windows phone in those countries will be able to enjoy the social aspects of Spotify.

For Windows PC users, you get the full gamut of Spotify features, as well as the new lyrics feature which allows you to sing along to your favourite bands (assuming you have a compatible supported mobile device running iOS or Android)

Spotify coming to Japan is not just huge for music lovers but also highlights a market gap that Microsoft could have filled. By offering an integrated music service which would have served the underserved Japanese and J-Rock market – with all the features that were expected, Microsoft could have given their Windows phones and Xboxes, and their Groove service, a small foothold in the Japanese market.

Idle musings aside, you can download Spotify for Windows here and Windows phone from the link below:

Developer: Spotify AB
Price: Free
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