Microsoft shows off some good-looking new Windows 10 handsets in Japan (gallery)


At a Windows 10 event for OEMs in Japan today  Microsoft showed off a range of new devices running the OS, including a number of new and already announced Windows 10 Mobile handsets, some from new OEMs.

Of the new OEMs the most familiar to our readers would be Vaio, who was recently spun off from Sony and who now belongs to a Japanese investment company. Other OEMs include Acer, Mouse computers , Freetel, third wave and NuAns.

Acer showed off the already familiar Acer Jade Primo, while NuAns showed off the very interesting looking NEO handset which features multiple colours and wood trim, and may be released before the end of the year. Unlike other OEMs devices it is not a Windows Reference Design device and was created from scratch. Third wave presented the “Diginnos Mobile DG-W10M”, which features a 5 inch HD display, 16 GB storage and which intended to be affordable.

Viao did not show off a device, but merely confirmed one is in development.The device will have mid-range specs, intended for the corporate market, and support Continuum for phones. It is set to arrive in early 2016.

Genisis showed off the WPH-451 which features unique styling in gold, while Freetel showed off the Katana 2, which has a 5 inch HD display, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, and which will retail for  ¥ 29,800.

Microsoft said it was in active talks with carrier partners in Japan, but had no announcements to make regarding carrier support. Microsoft also could not comment on the launch of their new Lumia flagships in Japan, preferring to focus on OEMs.

See the handsets below: