Boom! Tethering on the Samsung Focus uncovered

Accessing the Diagnosis menu on the Samsung Focus

The Samsung Focus is turning out to be a much move versatile handset that we ever suspected.  not only is this the only handset with easily accessible expandable storage, the only one that will let you get to your MAC address easily, and now it seems the only handset that lets you set up USB Tethering.

MobilityDigest has uncovered the method, described below.

1) open your phone and dial “##634#” then press call. You’ll go into the Diagnosis Menu (going forward this icon appears in your programs so you don’t need to dal that again). This is just a phone dialer with a little icon and note on top.

2) In diagnosis mode (phone dialer) dial “*#7284#” and a dialogue will pop up letting you change the settings from Zune to modem or “Modem, USB dialog.”. You want to go with “Modem, Tethered Call”. It will restart you phone after a few seconds. Once it restarts, connect to your PC over USB and drivers will be installed on your computer. Now go to your connections on your PC and you’ll see that a Samsung modem was added.

3) on your PC you need to change the setting for the Samsung modem. If you set it to prompt for user name you’ll be able to put in the login info. This is all it is:

number: *99***1#
password: CINGULAR1

Go to connect and BAM. You’re tethered. I will tell you it went to ‘register’ the first time and failed. The second time worked and now I can connect and disconnect by plugging/unplugging my USB cord and I’m tethered baby!

Of note is that this disables USB tethering, but WIFI syncing works perfectly fine.

Great news indeed for Samsung Focus users. The same procedure does not produce any results on HTC handsets.  The only question which remains is whether this will work on the Samsung Omnia 7 or not. Any readers want to find out?

Picture via MobilityMinded.

Thanks D-Money for the tip.