Apex Legends crossplay only includes PC players if they’re on a team with console players

July 27, 2020
Apex Legends crossplay

One of the biggest reveals at this year’s EA Play was the arrival of Apex Legends crossplay for all platforms. However, there is one big caveat for PC players of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game. 

Revealed through a post on Respawn Entertainment engineer Jake Smullin’s TikTok, thanks WCCFTech, Apex Legends crossplay will only include PC players in the expanded player pool if they’re teaming up with console players.

Smullin revealed that this is to make games fairer. While console players have the benefit of light assisted aiming within Apex, the higher precision of mouse-based aiming and potentially higher framerates creates a potentially unfair environment for Apex Legends crossplay.

“Wanted to clear something up about Apex Legends cross-play,” Smullin wrote. “You will only be in PC crossplay lobbies if you have a PC player on your team,” Smullin revealed on TikTok.

“Have been seeing lots of console players worrying about this, but don’t. Everyone should be excited. So no more ‘not crossplay, PC is gonna dominate us’.”

This isn’t the only time crossplay has been limited across platforms. Fortnite mobile players can no longer play with console players; the lower resolution and framerate of Fortnite’s Switch port caused them to pair Switch players with mobile gamers.

We’ll likely see a similar situation when Apex Legends Mobile is released sometime in the future.

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