Fortnite on Nintendo Switch no longer supports cross-play with other home consoles.

As of version 8.10, Nintendo Switch Fortnite players can no longer match with Xbox One and PS4 gamers. Before this update, Switch players could play with everyone. Now, they can only play against IOS and Android users.

Epic Games’ reasoning behind this change is due to a disadvantage between Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. With Switch’s 30fps cap and the rival consoles’ 60fps target, many felt it was an unfair experience.

With Fortnite’s clear advantage for higher framerate players due to a fire-rate glitch, it may be a decent decision for now. As someone who frequently plays with friends on Nintendo Switch, it is still rather disappointing.

With the framerate disadvantage before, we may have an advantage on Switch now. Fortnite mobile isn’t exactly the best performing or best-looking version of the game. With their lack of physical buttons and sticks, Switch users may now have a huge advantage.

Fortnite is available to play for free on pretty much everything. With its newest season now available and the weird addition of Weezer Island, it’s as good a time as any to jump in.