Apex Legends Mobile may be released later this year

June 23, 2020
Apex Legends Mobile

EA has revealed that Apex Legends Mobile may be available to play later this year, if all goes to plan. 

With Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale spin-off becoming a major free-to-play success across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, publisher EA has been keen to expand the game to more platforms.

Alongside the recent announcement of an Apex Legends Nintendo Switch port and upcoming next-gen versions of the game, EA has wanted to bring the game to mobile devices for quite some time to capitalize on the giant mobile games market in China.

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During an investor’s call yesterday, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed said that, “We have [Plants vs. Zombies 3] in soft-launch [and] we’ve talked about having Apex Legends in soft launch by the end of this year.” [via VGC.]

With the success of Fortnite Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and more, we expect Apex Legends Mobile to be another runaway success.

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