Halo Infinite’s much-maligned battle pass is being tweaked once again 

December 15, 2021
Halo Infinite Season 1

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343 Industries has announced that, once again, they’re changing Halo Infinite’s battle pass to make it more rewarding for players. 

In a recent blog post, which also announced the arrival of a new slayer playlist, 343 Industries announced that they will be making “meaningful services-side updates to hone and improve the overall experience.” 

“Today’s update aims to further alleviate frustrating challenges, adds brand new challenges to take advantage of the new playlists, and reduces the requirements for the weekly Ultimate Challenge,” 343 Industries explained. 

While this is yet another simple patch that doesn’t address the core issue at the heart of Halo Infinite’s progression, 343 Industries do at least appear to be listening, as in the blog post they stated that broader changes are on the way. These changes include “performance-based XP, per-match XP, additional progression vectors,” which are fervently demanded features. 

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If Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer isn’t your thing, or if you’re just after some multiplayer cosmetics, Halo Infinite’s campaign was recently released earlier this month.

In our review, we said that Halo Infinite is well worth the six years of waiting that we endured, “not just the next thrilling chapter in Master Chief’s story, but also for the spectacular open world which doesn’t dilute the games iconic experience in its expansive breadth.”

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