343 narrative director says Halo Infinite feedback isn’t being ignored

July 29, 2020
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Halo Infinite’s gameplay reveal was a mixed bag for many series fans, mostly due to the game’s underwhelming visual presentation. 343 Industries has revealed that they are aware of the wealth of Halo Infinite feedback and that they are not ignoring fans. 

Taking to Twitter, 343 Industries narrative director Dan Chosich explained that they believe the wealth of Halo Infinite feedback matters as the game begins its final months of development.

“I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to have expectations built + feel let down. I want you to know your voice matters + is heard,” Chosich said on Twitter. “You’re not falling on deaf ears. I always want to live up to the legacy that Bungie pioneered. I personally care a lot about honoring that.”

With the next Halo game being a platform for the series’ future, 343 Industries has said that they will be growing the game over time. While new stories will eventually be added to the game, so will new graphical features such as hardware-accelerated ray-tracing.

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